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Healing thai massage therapist at your service in Tenerife thai massage course and ERHT course


Energy Release Healing Treatment TRAINING


Energy Release healing is a treatment combining Thai massage bodywork, Theta waves, Face/body acupressure points, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing and Unconditional Love meditation.
It works in body mind and soul.

Would you like to learn how to give an effective healing treatment lasting 1 hour up to 2 hours?

No previous experience is needed, so this is the best way to start your path in healing and make it your life's journey.

Perfect for those who already are Holistic therapists, Energy Healers, masseurs/ses, beauticians&SPA, Yoginis etc and want to add this amazing practice.

Also for those who want to bring healing to their friends and family members.
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ERH Treatment


Hi souls, are you looking for something that goes beyond than a massage?
I invite you to experience my Energy Release Healing Treatment a combination of traditional therapeutic thai massage and energy healing that release your stress away, unblock your emotional trauma, release your muscular system, clean your energy field, boost you immune system, feel rejuvenated and your soul at peace, get in touch with your higher self and fly in another dimension with meditation and then grounding at your center. scuola per massaggiatori massaggio Amsterdam Ivissa massage lessons Londra Please get in contact with me 🙏

At your service 🌈🙌🏼🌈

Thanks 💖

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Thai Massage Ibiza

Traditional therapeutic thai massage

Thai massage! so called to make it more understandable to Westerners, that because of religious beliefs which do not admit the presence of "energies" but its real name is: traditional Thai "therapeutic" treatment or better still ENERGETIC TREATMENT, because although it is a manual treatment done of acupressure and stretching goes to stimulate the energy inside the body: the famous "energy lines" we actually have thousands even if in the treatments only some are used also because they are then all in connection, also called meridians or nadis or pranas. Which reach and balance our chakras connected with our endocrine system as well as our emotional and perceptive state. They make the lymph of our body flow by activating the lymphatic system and increasing the reactivity of our immune system. The muscular system is relaxed completely thus releasing even the blocked emotions. All body systems are stimulated by this treatment that works on a physical, emotional, energy and mental level of course. There would be still to say because the benefits are so many, I limited myself to a brief summary. This is a very effective therapeutic technique but still today not completely understood by many. Happy to promote this wonderful healing technique: traditional Thai therapeutic treatment. 



I'm available all over the World and in Ibiza in the summer to deliver my healing services.

1o1 session, group of friends, retreat.

ERH Treatment, training course, workshops.



I will take care of you for a unforgettable special day in Ibiza from pick up you to welcoming you at the airport, till the amazing sunset.

You wil receive my ERH Treatment and we'll enjoy various activity in the island at your choice as such: sound bath meditation, yoga lesson, trekking in nature, snorkeling and diving, paddle board, Cave exploration, drum sunset show and much more on your request.

We can lunch from luxury restaurants to pick nic on the beach.

please get in touch with me to organise your magic day as you wish.

Intuitive Tarot Coaching


I don't do tarot for divination but I read the energy that surround yourself and the situation I can help you and guide you to understand the best path and way to obtain the dream you want to realise, what's is blocking you and how to get free to the old mental schemes and trauma still affecting your life and stop you to become the person you are called to be. I can give you directions to take decision but remember is always your responsibility for your future is your attitude and your choice this is called free will the magic power to change perspective to change your feelings. I'm not sugar coating I'm really straight on point person and always deliver the guidance and informations in the best and loyal way I can.  Remember the only things immutable is transformation. Everything happen for a reason is all about inner knowledge of yourself and life. Is a process to become a better version of you.



Anthony Abbagnano


"this Lady rocks. 

No option but submit, stretch and feel a whole lot better. I'm a regular from now on!"


Annick Cuvelier


"I had an amazing and healing thai massage in Ibiza from Simona. She has magic hands and her releasing tension massage did wonders for my body. I felt completely renjuvenated and my body felt so good. I have had many thai massages and I can tell you this was one of the best experiences ever. I would highly recommend Simona."

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Ami Collins


"Simona is the best massage therapist I have ever used without exception. Her experience and intuition provide huge healing benefits for both body and mind and I feel 100 percent better after seeing her. Thanks again, I may need to move out there! x "

The Pilates Rebel scuola per massaggiatori massaggio massage lessons Londra Amsterdam Ivissa thai massage course massage therapy school massage school

Julia Day


I am very grateful for the wonderful session I received from Simona, her technique and styleis a perfect mixture of gentle pressure, sharply directed powerful targeting of tensions in my back and the treatment left me feeling rejuvenated, happy and relaxed throughout. This was just the first session, I can't wait to see her again! massage school deep tissue massage Los Cristianos thai massage course

Anita de Lorme


Simona is the best massage therapist my husband and I have experienced and we have seen many!  Completely revitalized and recharged after Simona’s Thai massage, she restores the energy flow in your body. She knows exactly what she is doing and more than that she does it with such dedication and passion.  Finally someone who really knows what a good massage entails from head to toe. Simona from Thai Massage Ibiza is the person to call!! We already booked our next appointment. scuola per massaggiatori massaggio Amsterdam massage lessons Londra Ivissa

Maxinne Garman


Simona's Thai massage has left me feeling extremely refreshed and energised. Her technique is simply Amazing and exactly what I need to get rid of all tension in my body. Some part of my body felt a new sensation! I will definitely be having another one very soon!



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